COVID-19: How to Live (Through)

Don´t blame COVID-19 for everything …

All the stressing matters of nowadays including increasing number of deaths would be only a prologue to the extent of real calamity, if we disregard WHAT and WHERE we eat. Our victual and becoming healthy are getting more and more chemical substancies only. Contemporary way of life has been bringing such an immunity enervation, which can´t be ignored any more. COVID came to show us roundly possible collapse or out of the blue deaths, age independently.

We are neither scientists, nor qualified doctors, English is not our native language – for all that let allow us several words.

We have been occupying with effective ways how to get / keep our clients healthy. We have detected during our more than ten years practice based on outstanding exploration and conclusions of Czech MD Karel Erben (related to amino acid homocystein and its substanstial impact on origin of all diseases within modern civilization) DIRECT CORRELATION among high homocysteine concentration in blood, body hidden acidity (together with some other cofactors) and COVID-19 extensive infectiousness with its fatal reaction course. Covid seems to use – figuratively speaking – those ties like a “means of transport” to attack any part of our body, which is staying the most fragile one at the moment of attack. The high homocysteine concentration itself has being participating significantly in thickening of blood, its high pressure and thrombosis hazard.

What to do and where to turn?

Will you discover and push down your „covid predisposition index“ (CPI) for your safety to avoid the bulk of deseases and maladies of our modern age – obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and many others.

Ask your doctor for your total (un-& bounded) homocysteine level and DO LOWER it permanently to safe copper-bottomed limit, which is below 6,4 mmol/l, and consume nourishing food with folic acid, B6 & B12 vitamins mainly.

DO NOT DISPARAGE hidden acidity growing out chiefly of FAST FOOD, instant and chemically modified raw products and drinks poor in natural vitamins and minerals.PULL UP your acidity balance to a standard level of 7,35 pH at leastconsidering continually WHAT & WHERE you eat.

Acid-forming dish does damage your health striding to meet troubles
If this one is your main favourite dish, no wonder your pH-balance is 4,4 pH and CPI 6,9 roughly (see below) and you have been striding to meet troubles

Chemically doped food and (semi)ready-made meals have been destroying cell immunity since its incipience. The different extent of infection in the USA, Europe, Nordic Countries and South Africa illustrate that correlation well (worse in the USA, much better among the Nordic Countries – see COVID-19 Predisposition table below).

Vaccine – however it may have come later – will hardly be a cure-all. The higher COVID-19 predisposition, the lower shield. It seems that will be a battle like a tiresome mosquito chasing and remember no net is faultless majorly when we have been tearing it permanently. Each of us must take healing into his own hands and change his life. There is no other way to get safe cell immunity back.

All the rising / decreasing figures of infected people tell us only, how emphatically we have clamped the safety lock-down lid, nothing more. Covid is going to remain with us lurking on our faults . Everybody can calculate the very simplified model & table mentioned below to find out crude COVID-19 predisposition age independently, when your hcy figure will be divided by the lowest early morning pH-urine one (pH-balance is lower ordinarily, but this suits enough for info).

The table below describes values matching body mass index (BMI) closer underneath figure 25. You ought to adapt your personal CPI as follows to include a time factor and your own physique :

  • BMI rather 18,5 lowers index by -O,5 level
  • BMI up to 30 increases index by +0,5 level
  • BMI more than 30 increases index by +1,0 level
  • significant passive smoking increases index by +0,5 level
  • passive & active smoking increases index by +1,0 level

COVID-19 Predisposition (our surmise)

PremunitionHcy-levelpH-BalanceCPI COVID-19 Predisposition
almost safe<6,34>7,5<0,84
very small, cell immunity does manage sporadic contact well;
very low / zero possibility of remaining effects
ordinary<12,5>7,1<1,76likely, cell immunity system
activated, weak course depends on cofactors as body CO2-poisoning, percentual extent of chronic inflammation;
long-lasting complaints with inconveniences cant´t be ruled out
warningly weak<19,5<6,6<2,95100 % during daily repeated exposure, wholly evident clinical symptoms, highly infective among weakened neighbourhood; likely long-lasting abatement of body internal structure
regularly failing<24,5<5,0<4,90100% when one-shot exposure, some organs markedly restricted / broken down, CO2 saturation >11%, body chronic inflammation > 50%, long-lasting hcy-limit over 29 mmol/l for more than 5 years, pH-balance < 5 for more than 3 years, VACCINATION only PARTLY EFFECTIVE
critical24,5 up 29,8<4,5>5,44 status and …
very critical deficiency>29,8<4,1<7,27ill health as a result of LONG-LASTING and NOT HANDLED body acidity, acidity slump below 4,5 pH when hcy =>29 for more 5 up 7 years, cell immunity has passed out of existence, VACCINATION INEFFECTIVE, body can´t produce antibodies due to total asthenia, dementia appears, death comes in consequence of general failure after prevalent diseases / injuries or deficient mobility
missing, devices dependent>30,033,99>7,52life clashing if more critical cofactors
Table legend:
Hcy-level………… homocysteine total value (un-& bounded) within human body (mmol per litre of blood); hcy_balance includes emergency complex, too
pH-balance……. total human body pH-balance including sources & stand-by alkalinity with its impact on chronic inflammation growth
CPI ………………….”covid predisposition index” (quotient CPI = hcy level / pH balance) reports stage of peril

Note: all figures mentioned above are average ones extra- /interpolated on the basis of published stats and processed by analytical methods of our own;

MD Karel Erben – studies related to amino acid homocysteine
REGENEA Centre – quantifications and extrapolations acquired in our practice, analytical studies

Abnormal risk of high homocysteine & low acidity balance is so warning, that CPI could be called for instance as . . .

Obesity-, Diabetes- or High Blood Pressure Predisposition Index, as well.

Do change your way of life before the life itself teaches you in the manner of its own !