COVID-19: Predisposition Index (CPI)

PremunitionHcy-levelpH-BalanceCPI COVID-19 PredispositionCPI by Countries
almost safe<6,34>7,4<0,85
very small, cell immunity does manage sporadic contact well;
very low / zero possibility of remaining effects
ordinary<12,8=>7,1<1,8likely, cell immunity system
activated, weak course depends on cofactors as body CO2-poisoning, percentual extent of chronic inflammation;
long-lasting complaints with inconveniences cant´t be ruled out
Nordic Countries (0,92 AVG) South Africa (0,91 AVG)
warningly weak<18,6<7,1<2,8100 % during daily repeated exposure, wholly evident clinical symptoms, highly infective among weakened neighbourhood; likely long-lasting abatement of body internal structureCzech Republic (2,06 AVG)
regularly failing<29,5<4,3<6,9100% when one-shot exposure, some organs markedly restricted / broken down, CO2 saturation >11%, body chronic inflammation > 50%, long-lasting hcy-limit over 29 mmol/l for more than 5 years, pH-balance < 5 for more than 3 years, VACCINATION only PARTLY EFFECTIVEWest Europe (3,47 AVG) USA (3,92 AVG) South Europe (4,91 AVG)
very critical deficiency<29,8<4,1<7,3ill health as a result of LONG-LASTING and NOT HANDLED body acidity, acidity slump below 4,5 pH when hcy =>29 for more 5 up 7 years, cell immunity has passed out of existence, VACCINATION INEFFECTIVE, body can´t produce antibodies due to total asthenia, dementia appears, death comes in consequence of general failure after prevalent diseases / injuries or deficient mobility
missing, devices dependent>29,83,99>7,3life clashing if more critical cofactors
Table legend:
Hcy-level………… homocysteine total value (un-& bounded) within human body (mmol per litre of blood); hcy_balance includes emergency complex, too
pH-balance……. total human body pH-balance including sources & stand-by alkalinity with its impact on chronic inflammation growth
CPI ………………….“covid predisposition index“ (quotient CPI = hcy level / pH balance) reports stage of peril

Note: all figures mentioned above are average ones extra- /interpolated on the basis of published stats and processed by analytical methods of our own;

MD Karel Erben – studies related to amino acid homocysteine
REGENEA Centre – quantifications and extrapolations acquired in our practice, analytical studies