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COVID-19: How to Live (Through)
COVID-19: Predisposition Index (CPI)
COVID-19 Predisposition Index (CPI) by Countries

COVID-19: How to Live (Through)

COV_Predisposition Index (CPI) of Population by Countries & Deceased to Date of 20th November 2020

All the stressing matters of nowadays including increasing number of deaths could to be only a prologue to the extent of real calamity … contemporary consumer society has been answering the door to population mortality … we have detected very close correlation among high homocystein concentration in blood, bodyhidden acidity balance (together with some other cofactors) and COVID-19 heavy perception with its fatal reaction course … (read more)

SkyTalk – New Ways Distance Immunity Estimation Can Help

How to estimate immunity level roughly

If you are unquiet by outbreaking of potential COVID infection, there are two ways about getting to know, how strong your immunity seems.

You can either ask your doctor for help, which would be time demanding and more expensive …

… or prepare a brief schedule of your routine weekly menu including how much and what you have been drinking a day. That list is to be completed with your approximate range of age, (fe)male and sent to

Our respons will obtain our appraisal of your homocysteine- & total acidity balance level with the worked out COVID-Premunition-Index (CPI) and some pieces of advice, how to proceed.

Please note – The estimation mentioned above likewise all natural preparations MARION (registered trade mark) mentioned on websites and DO NOT substitute any medical examine and / or whichever medications suggested / prescribed by your doctor and nursing staff at any time.

Natural preparations MARION (registered trade mark) are alimentary complements helping to keep immunity of your organism on safe level.

All the emails will be answered successively according to our limited capacity – will you be patient, please.

Your kind financial donation is very helpful to keep our R&D independent and expanding – we thank you very much, that you have been deciding to credit our efforts.

Any of natural preparation recommended on our websites are available by courier services, too, on coondition crediting our account due to proforma invoice in advance.